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Flow meters, measuring complexes for heat, gas, steam, etc. LOMO-Device

More than 10 years NEW TECHNOLOGIES GROUP has been supplying flowmeters-meters, flow converters, measuring complexes for heat, gases, steam. Our extensive expertise and using components from leading manufacturers is the main reason why the customers choose us.
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LOMO-Pribor (Saint Petersburg), founded in 2003, initially specialized in the development of high-tech devices for industrial metering of natural gas based on the jet autogenerator method. At the moment, the company has significantly expanded the range of products and the geography of deliveries.

    Taking into account certain advantages of RS-SPA-M meters over other types of flow meters, as part of the modernization program in the Moscow region, the company replaced more than 600 devices of the RG type.

    Within the framework of the Program of the Government of the Russian Federation on Energy-saving Technologies, heat meters ICT-9943-E3 and ICT-9961-E5 were developed and implemented, both for a heat source and for housing and communal services facilities.

    The use of metering devices manufactured by LOMO-Device makes it possible to significantly reduce costs during the installation and commissioning of the heat metering unit, both in time and in economic indicators.


Flowmeters-meters, flow converters, measuring complexes for heat, gases, steam
  • Расходомеры LOMO-PRIBOR
    РС-СПА-М, ИТЭМ и др.
  • Измерительные комплексы LOMO-PRIBOR
    Измерительные комплексы
    ИКГ 6761-П2, ИКТ 9943-Э3 и др.

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